All absences and the reasons for them have to recorded.  It is essential that the school is notified about ALL absences.  We request that parents telephone us by 8:55am on the first day of a child’s absence and again if it extends over 3 days.  If the absence extends over 1 week, medical evidence may be requested.

To report your child absent, the school can be notified after 8:30am on the main telephone numbers or by e-mailing:

When sending an e-mail, please put your child’s name and class in the subject box and the reason for the absence in the main message.   Please note that the school still requires a written note when your child returns to school.

Hospital and Clinic Appointments

When these occur in school time, parents are requested to let the school know in writing as early as possible.  On the day before the appointment, please also write in the contact book, the time of collection, time returning to school and if your child has a school dinner, please advise if this will still be required. When collecting your child, please call at the school office to sign them out using the electronic system.

Late Arrivals

The law requires pupils to attend school regularly and this includes arriving on time each day.  When a pupil arrives late to school there are many consequences that you may not have thought of.  

The child misses essential instructions that are given out at the beginning of the day.

Time missed from school due to lateness is cumulative – in fact arriving 5 minutes late each day adds up to missing 3 school days by the end of the academic year.

Pupils often feel awkward and embarrassed about walking into their classroom after the rest of the class has settled.

When one person is late, everyone misses out as the class is disrupted and the teacher must take time away from the other pupils to explain what is going on.

Please give your child the best possible chance to succeed by ensuring they arrive on time each day. 

Holidays in Term Time

Legally, there is no automatic entitlement to time off school to go on holiday.  All applications for leave must be made in advance by filling in an absence request form, obtainable from the school office.  Any holiday taken without the agreement of the school, or in excess of that agreed, will be classed as unauthorised.  This could result in your child being removed from the school roll or parents being issued with a penalty notice.

Attendance Officer

The Borough Attendance Officer visits the school regularly to monitor registers, note absences or late attendance and discuss problems. We are always willing to meet parents to give advice and discuss difficulties.  The Borough Attendance Officer is a valuable link between the school and other agencies. Contact may be made through school or directly through the Education Department on 020 8770 6565.

Late Collections

We offer a school wrap around service which is open Monday-Friday until 5pm. Please speak to the school office for more details on registration and payment.

For further guidance and information, please see our Attendance Policy on our Policies Page