At Bandon Hill we aim to encourage a love of mathematics and believe that all children can achieve well when our maths lessons follow a teaching for mastery approach. As a school we follow the Ark Mastery Curriculum.

All children have a daily maths lesson carefully designed to teach all children the same learning through a concrete, pictorial and abstract series of steps to ensure understanding is secure. Maths meetings take place regularly throughout the week to consolidate key learning and allows children to practise concepts and skills on a regular basis, meaning they are continually building on their mastery of these concepts.

The Mathematics Mastery approach is underpinned by the dimensions of depth – which together enable pupils to develop deep understanding of the subject. 

The three principles of the dimensions of depth are:

Principle 1: Conceptual Understanding

Mathematics tasks are about constructing meaning and making sense of relationships. Learners deepen their understanding by representing concepts using objects, pictures, symbols and words.

Different representations stress and ignore different aspects of a concept and so moving between representations and making explicit links between them allows learners to construct a comprehensive conceptual framework that can be used as the foundation for future learning.

Tasks are sequenced to help learners build a narrative through different topics. These topics are then sequenced in a logical progression that allows learners to establish connections and draw comparisons.

Multiple representations are carefully selected so that they are extendable within and between different areas of mathematics. Using these rich models encourages learners to develop different perspectives on a concept.

Principle 2: Language and Communication

Mathematical language strengthens conceptual understanding by enabling pupils to explain and reason. This must be carefully introduced and reinforced through frequent discussion to ensure it is meaningfully understood.

The more learners use mathematical words the more they feel themselves to be mathematicians. Talk is an essential element of every lesson and time is dedicated to developing confidence with specific vocabulary as well as verbal reasoning.

Talk tasks are part of every lesson in the curriculum to help with this development.

Principle 3: Mathematical Thinking

Our curriculum is designed to give learners the opportunities to think mathematically. Throughout the curriculum you will see tasks that require learners to specialise and generalise, to work systematically, to generate their own examples, to classify and to make conjectures.

This is aided by our prompts for thinking which help make these important parts of mathematics more explicit.

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