PE at Bandon Hill intends to develop children’s fundamental movement skills, help develop positive attitudes towards PE and sport, as well as improve health and wellbeing. Our aim is to teach the children to work collaboratively and encourage lifelong participation in sport, in order to ensure they lead healthy, active lives. In order to achieve this and inspire our pupils, we do the following:

·         Engage all pupils in regular physical activity in line with the government guidelines

·         Encourage the daily mile across KS1 and KS2

·         Increase participation in competitive sport

·         Provide opportunities for children to participate in a broad range of physical activities

·         Master basic movements which they can apply to a range of activities

·         Encourage junior sports leaders to work with younger children and lead a variety of activities and games

·         Develop multi-skills, which in turn develop cognitive, personal, social, creative and physical skills

·         Encourage fairness and respect for others

·         Encourage all children to achieve their best.



Click here to see our skills progression document.

Click here to see the National Curriculum Programme of Study for P.E.