At Bandon Hill we aim to nurture our children’s natural sense of curiosity and creativity through our teaching of science. From nursery and reception through to year 6 the children will acquire and build on the core skills and knowledge that they have learnt, in order for them to develop a deeper understanding of the ever-changing world that they live in. We believe in the limitless capabilities of our children. Through our inquiry-based, hands-on curriculum, they are encouraged to learn by asking questions, thinking creatively and critically to problem solve, working collaboratively, taking risks and learning from their mistakes.

Starting at the Early Years Foundation Stage children will explore the world around them, utilising observation skills. In KS1, children will observe closely and be challenged to ask questions to develop their curiosity. They will perform simple experiments and record their findings to help answer questions. In lower KS2, children will make enhanced and systematic observations whilst carrying out experiments. They will record and report findings to create a conclusion. In upper KS2, children will refine their skills and use a range of scientific equipment to test their hypothesis. They will record data in more detail and be able to explain their findings.

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Animals including humans

Earth, space, plants and electricty 

Evolution and inheritance 


Seasonal changes

Working scientifically 


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