British Values

British Values is important to us at Bandon Hill because it is not about teaching our children to ‘be British’ but about ‘living in Britain’ and teaching our children to be responsible, kind, respectful and hard-working citizens who can engage positively with those around them.

The areas we cover are;

Individual liberty - We look at people’s rights and address the need to be ourselves.

Democracy - We discuss how we all have a right to speak and be heard but we need to consider other people’s opinions. Then as a group, work together and follow the same rules.

Rule of Law - We address what is right and wrong and the need to have rules and laws. We all have a choice and we need to think about our individual choices and the consequences these might have.

Mutual respect - We discuss treating others as we would like to be treated and looking after the environment around us. This extends to property, animals, nature and belongings. 

Tolerance - We look at different cultures, beliefs and religions and share our views and opinions. We emphasise that we are all entitled to have our own beliefs but we must accept that others will have different views. We should celebrate those differences and learn from others so we can make informed choices and opinions.