The opportunity to learn another language is greatly valued at Bandon Hill. Many of our pupils speak other languages at home and love to share these with us. Learning French gives all children the opportunity to develop the important skill of learning a language and gaining an understanding of another culture.

Although only statutory at KS2, at Bandon Hill we are very proud that French is taught weekly to all children from Year 1 to Year 6. The French Lead ensure the lessons are entertaining and enjoyable.

The excellent foundations in French learning laid down in Key Stage 1 are built upon in KS2. We use multi-sensory and kinaesthetic learning strategies such as group and pair work, team games, SMART Board activities and the learning of songs and rhymes reinforced with actions. The children are encouraged to speak in sentences, using familiar vocabulary, phrases and basic language structures with accurate pronunciation and intonation. They learn to read and understand more complex words, phrases and sentences. They learn to write phrases from memory, and adapt these to create new sentences based on familiar topics eg. classroom objects and school subjects.

The French teachers are often greeted around the school with a cheery "bonjour" or "ça va très bien, ca va?" We also love hearing how they have used their French language skills on holiday.

It is our aim that children leave Bandon Hill with a strong foundation in French and a positive attitude towards language learning.

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